Allergy & Sinus

Supports healthy histamine response to seasonal discomforts
  • In-the-moment symptom soother for extra-irritating tree, shrub, and plant pollens
  • Soothing to deep sinus discomforts
  • Formulated for added sinus protection
Yerba Mansa

(Anemopsis carlifornica) is an aromatic, spicy plant native to the Southwestern United States. Like Yerba Santa, native communities and settlers revered it for its many health benefits. An astringent plant, it helps support a healthy inflammatory response, particularly of the mucus membranes.

Yerba Santa

(Eriodictyon californicum) means “sacred herb” and was revered by traditional communities and catholic priests of the Spanish missions in its native California for its powerful health benefits. Today it is used to support a healthy histamine response and calm runaway mucus.


(Armoracia rusticana) as many who have eaten it know, has an affinity for the sinuses. Beyond its use in the kitchen, horseradish helps support healthy mucus production, supporting the body’s natural resistance to infection.