Anxiety and Duress Aid

Brings overall sense of groundedness and strength of heart
  • Soothe anxiety, worries, tears and fears
  • For everyday feelings of grumpiness and too much to do
  • Herbal comfort for those dealing with emotional pain, grief and loss

(Leonurus cardiaca) is a member of the mint family’s name means “lion hearted” and is great for supporting your physical and emotional heart. It’s a calming and comforting touch in times of stress and anxiety.


(Scutellaria lateriflora) is native to North America and was traditionally used by Eclectic physicians in the 19th century as a tonic to nourish the nervous system and encourage restful sleep.

Milky Oats

(Avena sativa) is the seed of common oats at its ripest stage. It deeply nourishes your nervous system, especially when it is overworked from mental, emotional and physical exhaustion.