First Line Defense

Nip it in the bud! Support your most active immune response
  • All-star team of top-to-bottom respiratory immune herbs for dramatic results
  • Use early, mid or late stage to support optimum return to wellness
  • Protect yourself, before you wreck yourself!

(Levisticum officinale) was traditionally used as a warming tonic for the digestive and respiratory systems and is a relative of Osha (Ligusticum porteri). Both herbs support a healthy immune response and have an affinity for the respiratory system, supporting healthy mucosal production and expectoration.

Wild Indigo

(Baptisia tinctoria) is a relative of true indigo and was used as a dye. In the 19th century Eclectic physicians used it frequently. The root helps support a healthy immune response and is commonly used with other herbs for seasonal discomforts.

Yerba Santa

(Eriodictyon californicum) means “sacred herb” and was revered by traditional communities and catholic priests of the Spanish missions in its native California for its powerful health benefits. Today it is used to support a healthy histamine response and calm runaway mucus.