The Body’s Best Friend

Herbs for deep muscle tension and healthy inflammation response
  • Quickly ease the body into a calm and relaxed state
  • Ideal for sore, achy muscles and joints
  • Soothes repetitive motion and muscular-skeletal discomforts
  • Great post-workout
Wood Betony

(Stachys officinalis) is an old world remedy and was prized by the Anglo-Saxons as a panacea that could ease any discomfort. Today Wood Betony is used to ease muscle tension and support mental clarity.

Wild Lettuce

(Lactuca virosa) is a relative of the common garden lettuce we all eat. It’s also a common persistent “weed” in North America and Europe. It helps ease muscle tension and supports a healthy inflammatory response.

Black Cohosh

(Actaea racemosa) is native to North America and is most commonly known for its hormonal support. It is also used to calm and relax muscle tension throughout the body and joints and support a healthy inflammatory response.