Upper Respiratory Rescue

Soothing to the deep nooks and crannies of the sinus tissues
  • Active care to calm and cleanse sinus tissue
  • Mucous membrane normalizer
  • Herbal heroes for rapid return to balance
  • All seasons sinus wellness support and symptom soother

(Baptisia tinctoria), also known as Wild Indigo, is native to the Northeastern United States and supports healthy lymphatic function, carrying immune properties into the nooks and crannies of the head.


(Sambucus nigra) has beautiful deep purple berries that are commonly used to make jams, wines, and herbal remedies to ease common cold and flu discomforts. The flowers are used to support a healthy inflammation response in the sinuses.


(Salvia officinalis) is native to the Mediterranean where it was prized in ancient Greece and Rome for its health benefits. While most known for its use in the kitchen, it’s drying properties help support healthy fluid response in the body.