and Bronchial Herbs

A combination of herbs for respiratory strength and endurance
  • Breathe easily, breathe deeply
  • Seasonal wellness, chest cold support
  • Active living, performance aid
  • Remedial support for smokers, air pollution, and forest fires

(Inula helenium) has long been revered for its affinity to the lungs. It is used today to support healthy lung function, which can encourage better overall lung performance, as well as provide added support for chronic lung conditions.


(Angelica archangelica) has been used since ancient times for its various respiratory health benefits. Today, it is used to support healthy lung function and circulation.


(Crataegus spp.) is a wonderful herb for the heart and chest. The apple-like berries of this small tree help support healthy circulation and blood pressure levels. As a tonic, it works best when taken long term.