We only use whole herbs in our extracts. You’ve heard about the Paleo diet, well this is Paleo Health! Using whole herbs as nature intended means:

  • Since we co-evolved with these herbs, your body remembers how to process plant constituents. They are easily absorbed and assimilated, making them fast-acting and gentle on the body.
  • Whole herbs work for everyone! Easily compatible for all ages, ethnicities, and constitutions.
  • You get a whole array of plant constituents that work synergistically rather than just one or two. This allows your body to have a choice of safe and effective constituents to work with.


Liquid herbal extracts (or tinctures) are as old as medicine itself. This traditional way of extracting herbs with alcohol and water is how herbs have been consumed for thousands of years. It is the most effective and natural way to extract all of the active constituents. Because they are already in a liquid solution, they are easily recognized by the body, helping our remedies to work fast.

  • FAST – Because liquid extracts are readily absorbed by the body, they work much faster than solid forms that need to be digested, such as pills or capsules.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE – They are easily adjusted to personal needs (constitution, severity, weight, etc.).
  • EASY & CONVENIENT – Quick and easy to use on the go.
  • AFFORDABLE – All of these things combined help make them more affordable and cost-effective.


Liquid herbal extracts (or tinctures) are how herbs have been consumed for thousands of years. It is an ancient way of extracting herbs, and is the most effective and natural way to extract constituents so our remedies can work fast. They are also cost-effective and easily absorbed by your body.

How Are They Made?

  • Plant material is soaked in alcohol, water, and glycerin for a number of weeks to make an herb ‘soup’.
  • We use our proprietary process to lower alcohol and improve taste, then fibrous material is filtered out.
  • This technique effectively releases the active plant constituents into a liquid solution.