Supports healthy digestive response & enzymes

A seriously soothing solution for common discomforts
  • Assist in optimal assimilation of nutrients
  • Jumps starts digestive juices and enzyme function
  • Soothe your sour stomach and support a return to a healthy pH
  • Cooling apératif and digestif

(Gentiana lutea) is native to Europe and is an extremely bitter herb. It has been used for centuries to support healthy digestion and promote nutrient assimilation.

Oregon Grape

(Mahonia spp.) is native to North America and often used as an ornamental for its beautiful flowers and berries. The root promotes healthy digestion, support optimal microbial balance and support healthy mucus membranes.

Orange Peel

(Citrus sinensis) has been used in both western and Chinese herbalism to support healthy digestion and ease digestive discomforts.