Digestive Ease & Symptom Soother

Simple and potent herbs for digestive ease and system harmony
  • Support for harmonious digestion before, during or after a meal
  • Soothing to upset stomach, gas, heartburn, motion, common food and food allergy discomforts, and more!
  • A tasty blend…helpful in the moment and as a daily tonic

(Zingiber officinale), is a spicy favorite that is familiar to most as a common spice but it is also used to soothe a variety of digestive discomforts and calm an upset stomach.


(Nepeta cataria), is most well known for being a favorite of cats, but it is great for humans too. It is a member of the mint family, and like other mints, soothes upset bellies and supports healthy digestion.


(Foeniculum vulgare), has a sweet, licorice taste and has been used as an after-meal digestive in countries around the world, from its native Mediterranean to Asia. It’s also a delicious vegetable.