Seriously Heroic

Powerful biotic blasters to support and protect
  • A multi-purpose herbal biotic
  • A big-gun remedy when nothing else works
  • The #1 do-it-all formula to carry when traveling

(Usnea spp.) is lichen that often hangs from trees in long tufts, giving it its common name of old man’s beard. Usnea promotes a healthy immune response, particularly in the respiratory tract and mucus membranes.


(Humulus lupulus) are for more than just beer and were often grown in home gardens for their health benefits. The strobles have traditionally been used to help support restful sleep and calm anxiety.

Bee Propolis

Bee Propolis, also known as bee glue, and is a thick resinous substance, made from plant resin and pollen and produced by bees to seal and protect the hives. It helps support the body’s immune response, while also helping to soothe irritated respiratory tracts and throats.