Seasonal Rescue

A seriously soothing solution for common seasonal discomforts
  • Amazing in-the-moment symptom soother
  • Supports healthy histamine response to seasonal discomforts
  • For irritants such as pollens, molds, animal dander, and more
  • Body friendly herbs are non-stimulating and non-sedating
Yerba Santa

(Eriodictyon californicum) means “sacred herb” and was revered by traditional communities and catholic priests of the Spanish missions in its native California for its powerful health benefits. Today it is used to support a healthy histamine response and calm runaway mucus.


(Urtica dioica) is most known as a common “weed”. It is deeply nourishing for the adrenals, supporting a healthy stress response. It is packed full of essential nutrients to deeply nourish and support optimum wellbeing.


(Echinacea purpurea) is well-known as a cold and flu support but it also supports a healthy histamine response, holding back the watery cascade that can accompany seasonal allergies.