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A seasonal wellness superhero
  • Deep dislodging respiratory and immune herbs
  • Reinvigorate your natural resistance and maximize your immune response
  • Promotes healthy lymphatic delivery, cleanup, and lung health
Yerba Mansa

(Anemopsis carlifornica) is an aromatic, spicy plant native to the Southwestern United States. Like Yerba Santa, native communities and settlers revered it for its many health benefits. An astringent plant, it helps support a healthy inflammatory response, particularly of the mucus membranes.


(Lomatium dissectum) is native to Western North America. This resinous root is deep and dislodging, helping your body to kick those bugs that seem to keep hanging on.

Pleurisy Root

(Asclepias tuberosa) has a special affinity to the lungs and helps support proper respiratory health and function. It was prized for its health benefits by Native American communities in its native range and was once included in the US Pharmacopoeia.