& Fresh Mornings

Gentle herbs for natural sleep support, calms the mind so the body can follow
  • Supports a deep, restful and easy sleep cycle
  • Non-sedative, no morning grogginess
  • No Valerian or Kava…on purpose!
  • Use before bed or upon unwanted wakefulness

(Passiflora incarnata) is known for its unique and beautiful flowers. This vining plant is native to the southern part of the United States and has long been used to calm anxious minds and support restful sleep. The fruit is edible, too!


(Scutellaria lateriflora) is native to North America and was traditionally used by Eclectic physicians in the 19th century as a tonic to nourish the nervous system and encourage restful sleep.


(Humulus lupulus) are for more than just beer and were often grown in home gardens for their health benefits. The strobles have traditionally been used to help support restful sleep and calm anxiety.