Soothing and Quieting

Herbal heroes for active expectorant support
  • A superior symptom soother for all types of cough discomforts
  • Herbal tonics to support healthy lungs
  • Works for both wet and dry coughs
  • Calms and soothes for up to four hours
Wild Cherry

(Prunus spp.) is found throughout North America. In addition to its edible fruits, the bark is used to soothe coughs, support healthy respiratory function and encourages healthy inflammatory response in the body.


(Crataegus spp.) is also commonly called Gumweed, for its sticky resinous flowers. Grindelia soothes coughs and supports healthy mucosal lining.


(Verbascum thapsus) is native to Europe but is now found throughout North America. Mullein has an affinity for the lungs and was traditionally use to soothe coughs. Its demulcent properties make it wonderful support for dry and irritated lungs.